Thursday, 4 June 2015

lowther castle and park...

From a distance Lowther Castle has a Downton Abbeylike appearance, however, if you look a little closer all that remains is the mere shell of a building that was originally completed in 1806.  The reason for the ruin like appearance is an interesting one; in 1957the Yellow Earl removed the roof and the interior structure in order to avoid death duties on his estate of £25 million. 
This Cumbrian castle's 50 acres of gardens  have been as equally neglected as the castle, having been requisitioned by the army in WW2 and then used to  house huge chicken sheds Work is now underway by an army of volunteers and gardeners to restore the gardens - a huge  undertaking.
There are still hidden gems to find....a Yew Tree Avenue first planted in the 17th century.
Delightful little summer houses and play houses can be found in the gardens.
A visit to the castle and gardens must include a trip into the cafe, which is housed in the most  beautiful coach house.  The food is gorgeous and reasonably priced and the views from the shop into the courtyard and the hills beyond are magnificent.

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