Sunday, 10 May 2015

thai food

A present for my birthday was a voucher for a Thai cookery session at Saraphee Thai Catering at The Rising Sun Farm in Wallsend.  And what a lovely afternoon we had there (although the venue was a little tricky to find). 
A warm welcome awaited us from Sirinan, who guided us and the other students through the ingredients, cooking methods and background to two Thai dishes before providing a third pre-made dish to try.

The ingredients for the 'Noodle Dishes' were set out waiting for us to begin.
The first dish prepared was 'Khao Soi' (pronounced Cow Soy to my ears),  a deliciously aromatic yellow curry combining coconut milk, spices, chicken and soft noodles topped with crispy noodles, pickled cabbage, shallots and chilli favourite dish of the day. It was soon polished off.
Next came 'Lat Na' another chicken and noodle dish combining dark soy, oyster sauce and bean curd paste to create a milder colourful dish through the addition of broccoli and carrots.
Our final dish was 'Gung Ob Woon Sen', a dish of baked glass noodles  with soy sauce and shrimps.  Sirinan had decided that we were all keen on spicy food so was pretty generous with the black pepper...phew, it was pretty hot!
It was a great afternoon with lots of fun and laughter and delicious food.  Some new skills were learned and top tips were generously shared.  One top tip being that cheap robust red wine pares really well with spicy Thai food and the copious amounts drunk that afternoon definitely backed up that view.

Special mention must go to Sirinan's three children (and husband) who were there all afternoon and made sure that dirty dishes were cleared away and drinks were topped up.

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